StudioPlus Spectra Sample Reports

Session Confirmation
You can print a session confirmation and send or email it directly to your client using StudioPlus Spectra. The session confirmation contains all of the information your clients and photographers need for the upcoming session.
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Image Contact Sheet
After shooting a session you can print or email a contact sheet to the client, showing them all the images from the session. Change the size of the images on the contact sheet and include watermarks and copyright information.
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Proof Sheet
Print proof sheets directly from StudioPlus Spectra. The proof sheet will print four images per page and can include a watermark, copyright information, and image numbers.
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Invoices in StudioPlus Spectra can be printed or emailed directly to your client. The invoice will have all the order and payment information you need to track.
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Invoice Image Detail
The invoice image detail lists all of the images and products ordered, including a thumbnail of each image. It's great for both you and your clients to see exactly what they order.
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Production Order
From the production order you can print a purchase order to send to your lab or a work order for internal processing. The production order lists all of the products ordered, including any enhancements and retouching notes, and has thumbnails of the images so that you and your lab never get images confused.
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Order Status Report
The order status report lists all of your outstanding orders by status so that you know how many orders (and how much revenue) you have ready to be sent to the lab, at the lab, and ready to be picked up, along with any other order statuses you track. It ensures that valuable orders don't fall through the cracks.
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Session Trends Report
The session trends report gives you the total number of sessions you've booked per month for each session type. You can then track if you are booking more or fewer sessions each month compared to previous years.
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