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May 22, 2001

Phase One and StudioPlus Software Partner to Offer Studio Management Solutions to Digital Studios

Phase One, the world leader in direct digital imaging, announced a partnership with StudioPlus Software whereby Phase One will distribute StudioPlus Studio Management Software with its new turnkey Portrait One Studio Solution.

The StudioPlus Studio Management Software, which will be called Portrait One Manager, will be integrated with the Portrait One Sales Software, allowing Phase One customers to easily share information between their imaging software and management software. "We're excited about this convergence in technology, allowing our customers to totally integrate their digital imaging with the operations and management of their studio. Finally, the day of the totally integrated, digital imaging studio has arrived," said Soren Krog, Vice President of Phase One.

With Phase One's Portrait One Software Package and StudioPlus, the studio will capture digitally, present the digital images to their customer, take the customer's order, and have all the order information directly flow into StudioPlus, where the order and invoice information are tracked. StudioPlus also tracks the customer information, sales information, marketing information, and production information. StudioPlus also aids in the management of the studio by providing a full suite of analysis reporting information. The combination of StudioPlus and Phase One digital imaging technology will give studios the competitive advantages they need in today's market.

"We've seen many studios revolutionize their business by utilizing StudioPlus to increase their sales, and also become more efficient in running their operations," said Matthew Hunt, President of StudioPlus Software. "We're excited about the opportunity to work with Phase One to bring this next step of integrated digital technology to portrait studios."

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