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June 2, 2003

StudioPlus Releases Version 5 of its Award-Winning Studio Management Software

StudioPlus Software, the industry leader in management solutions for professional photographers, released Version 5 of its award-winning StudioPlus. With Version 5, the company has continued its commitment to developing quality applications that are easy-to-use but powerful enough to meet and exceed the demanding needs of today's studios.

Now, more than ever, StudioPlus is the hub of the totally integrated digital studio. With the new Digital Browse Screen, studios can quickly check on the customized status of any session--sessions waiting to be captured, for a sales presentation, for retouching, for production, for archiving, or for uploading to the web are just a few examples of StudioPlus' versatility and power. New imaging tools built into the software save countless man-hours, like preparing a slide show, opening images in PhotoShop, making CDs, and uploading the images to the web. StudioPlus manages the entire operations of today's digital studios.

In addition, StudioPlus has further expanded its core client management, marketing, accounting, and analysis reporting features that are great in any digital or film-based studio. Keeping the studio more in touch with clients, a new e-mail wizard makes targeted marketing a snap with personalized HTML e-mails. With the new Product Sales Analysis Report, management now has the necessary tools to make the right decisions. StudioPlus is the studio management software that gives studios the tools they need to successfully manage their business.

"We're proud of our commitment to continually push the envelope and provide innovative solutions that change the way the professional photo industry operates," comments Matthew Hunt, president of StudioPlus Software. "StudioPlus 5.0 is a true reflection of that commitment--a totally integrated solution making today's and tomorrow's digital studio more efficient and profitable."

Pricing and Availability

StudioPlus is available in two versions--StudioPlus Professional and StudioPlus Lite. Professional, retailing at $1,495, is designed for studios requiring a full-featured management and imaging tool. Studios requiring an innovative tool without the advanced features of Professional can choose the Lite Version. StudioPlus Lite, retailing at $395, includes scheduling, client management, marketing tools, digital workflow, plus much more. Both products are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Swedish languages.

About StudioPlus Software
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