InSpiredByYou Training Videos

StudioPlus offers an extensive library of free video training tutorials. Learn how to use to build your online presence and view the demonstrations your clients will see when they use their online gallery.

Quick Start Videos

These videos quickly demonstrate the basics of how to view, order, and share from an website. The quick start videos are also available to your clients as they use their InSpiredByYou website.

+ Viewing Online Images (5:11)
+ Viewing an Online Album (2:54)
+ Ordering from an Online Session (4:40)
+ Sharing Online Images (2:38)

Training Videos

+ Setting Up InSpiredByYou (22:19)
+ Using InSpiredByYou - Session Basics (12:45)
+ Using InSpiredByYou - Orders (4:08)
+ Using InSpiredByYou - Videos (1:49)
+ Using InSpiredByYou - Albums (7:26)
+ Using InSpiredByYou - Yearbook Selections (7:21)

If you use Spectra to track yearbook selections, learn how sync that information with InSpired, allowing your clients to make their choice online.
Find out how to upload your album or photobook designs to InSpiredByYou, how to download your client's comments or approval, and then how to upload album revisions, if necessary. You'll also see how to use tasks and album statuses to keep track of your album workflow.
See how easy it is to upload an Animoto video for your clients to view on their InSpiredByYou website.
Learn how to upload prepaid orders from Spectra to InSpired and how to download orders your clients have placed online into Spectra.
Learn how to upload sessions from Spectra to and then how to maintain them by resetting passwords and extending expiration dates. You'll also learn how to close online sessions and remove them from InSpiredByYou. Finally, you'll get some general Spectra tips that will help you use InSpired more effectively and efficiently.
This video will walk you through setting up InSpiredByYou in your Spectra software.
This video shows your clients how to share images from an online session. If you allow your clients to share their images, they can invite guests or share by using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The online sharing feature is optional. Your clients won't see it if you choose not to offer it.
See how easy it is for your clients to place one or more orders from an online session. The online ordering feature is optional. Your clients won't see it if you choose not to offer it.
This video demonstrates how your clients can view, comment on, and approve an album design that you've uploaded for them. As they page through the album, they can make page comments and add sticky notes that your album designer can use to make revisions. They can also approve the album without any changes.
This video demonstrates how your clients can use their website to view their images. They can organize their images into groups, mark favorites, compare images side-by-side, view alternate color options, and more!